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  JANTA SHIKSHAN PRASARAK MANDAL, a registered MANDAL was established in 1960 with its view & object to provide elaborate & liberal facility for education & training in diverse disciplines of knowledge such as, Commerce, Science, Arts, Craft, Agriculture Engineering & technology & Medicinal science etc. The constitution of the MANDAL was largely a result of late Shri. Phulsing Naik irrepressive concern for opening institutions for disseminating knowledge & his inspiration for its groundwork for building their keystone. The spread of knowledge was indubitably for the abrasion of walls of ignorance of the poor & backward classes.

The long-cherished dream of his father to open institutes imparting education (including scientific) also endured in the minds of his son late Shri. V. P. Naik & his friends & eventualised in the shape of establishment of " PHULSING NAIK MAHAVIDYALAYA". At Pusad in a rental building in 1961, offering an initial role to 100 students. With inordinate zeal & vision of the MANDAL, to fulfill its obligations, endeavored the undertaking of the construction of the building of its own along with those of the hostels. This all was effectuated by philanthropic donations from the people of this rural area & within a brief span of a year it was completed. To the students from the backward & weaker section living in its proximity of 80km. The institute proved a hope for perennial kindling consciousness.